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Additional Information: Services


From a holistic standpoint, I believe that it is every pet parents choice whether to vaccinate their pets or not. For this reason, I do not require vaccination records however a short waiver will be required.

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I am fully insured through pet care insurance. Click link for more detail

I also take extra safety precautions such as always using doggie seatbelts and carrying an airhorn in case of an altercation. Please email with more extensive questions.

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I only accept clients who currently use positive reinforcement or are open to trying it!

I will not use the following:

-Choke Chains

-Prong Collars 

-Shock Collars 

-Electric Fences 

-Vibration and Sound Training Collars

-Dominance holds

-Any other form of negative reinforcement

I will use gentle leaders and firm training when necessary. 

Schedule a behavior consult call if you are interested in positive reinforcement methods that not only effectively train your pet but creates a positive and loving bond between you and your pet. 

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