Energy work at the zoo

Every time I am in the company of animals I have a natural inclination, or rather automatic response, to connect on a soul level to them. I love to take the opportunity to practice strengthening that existing connection to understand their animal medicine as well as to do some energy work with them. Today I had the pleasure of visiting the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington D.C. where I put this into practice and wanted to share some experiences and tools with you.

As an empath, animal lover, or both, it can be difficult supporting zoo's or seeing the animals in confinement however there is more more to it than that. There is a growing list of endangered species and many zoo's provide breeding and education programs in order to preserve species. Regardless if there is a very good reason for an animal to be kept in a zoo, it still isn't always easy for the animal, especially with the animal's natural instincts being suppressed. I will tell you though that most of the animals I communicate with in these facilities understand that the humans are intending to help them and their species and are well taken care of.

This is exactly why I think it is an amazing idea to do energy work with them if you have the ability to do so! My method of animal communication takes an understanding of body language and connection at a soul level. The tiger I connected with today is an excellent example of this. Tigers, like all felines, slow blink as a friendly gesture akin to a smile from human to human. The slow blink doesn't just go one way. Felines are in fact receptive to the slow blink because you are speaking their language! Another way that they tell you they are interested in your attention is by doing what my husband and I call a "'sup nod" which is essentially a small jerk up of the chin. While a lot of people you may observe at the zoo are very vocal and excited, that may not be the best way to connect to a feline so a calm quiet is the best way to begin a connection with them. Use whatever method of meditation or psychic connection that resonates with you in combination with some slow blinks and maybe a "'sup nod" or two and you're in!

Remember to do this practice with love and light so that you aren't accidentally transferring any negative energy to these precious creatures and have fun!

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