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A Brief Introduction to Death Positivity

What is death positivity you may ask? In short, it is a fairly new movement that is working toward changing the culture of death in our society to create a positive and far less painful experience for the loved ones of someone who is transitioning to the next plain.

This term originated from a mortician named Caitlin Doughty who has gained traction and millions of followers on her Youtube channel “Ask a Mortician.” While her content is fascinating, educational, and entirely important, I believe the most influential thing she is doing is simply talking about death. Our society has created a culture of fear, pain, and discomfort. The Death Positive Movement is working to change this. P.S. there is quite a lot to unwrap in regards to this topic and I do not mean to disregard or invalidate grieving however I can promise you that the process can be far less painful and can even be a celebration whether or not you believe in spirituality. Isn’t that what your loved ones in transition would prefer?

Please check out for a wealth of information on death positivity and how you can join the movement.

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